INTRO: Discussion of Preface

Welcome to the Read-Along of Josef Lhevinne's invaluable manual for piano teaching!

This is a must-have for your teaching library! It's a 48-page paperback treasure filled with guidelines for teachers on the teaching of technique, musicianship, and truly expressive playing.

Mr. Lhevinne addresses such questions as:

Which came first? The pianoforte or the fortepiano?

What is "touch," really?

How do you get students to connect emotionally to music?

What's the secret to a beautiful tone?

And much more!


  1. Before viewing the video discussions, be sure to grab a copy of the book HERE and watch the Intro/Discussion of the Preface video. You'll learn about our purpose in reading this particular book. HINT: Go ahead and watch the Intro video first if you like (scroll down). It will give you a good idea about the content of the book!
  2. Next, read chapter-by-chapter (they're short, and easy to digest; you'll notice during the Intro video) and then return here to the site for the discussion of that chapter. And by the way, the information is non-sequential so you don't have to read the chapters in order. Pick as you please!

I hope you enjoy "reading along" as much as those of us who read it earlier. As you proceed, please do feel free to leave a comment in the Comments section below each video.  Share your thoughts and perceptions of the book with others who are also "reading along" in this forum. Have fun!

HERE's WHAT TEACHERS SAID after they participated in the read-along of this book:

“ The most useful thing for me was learning different ways to say things when I communicate to my students.” 

“ This has been an excellent study as well as a refresher on things like technique and pedaling.” 

“ This was a great shot-in-the-arm for my teaching!”

Resources mentioned in the video:

10:35 - At this point in the video, I mentioned this blog post where you can read about a musical terms book I keep at my piano and have all my older students purchase. Here is the book: The A to Z of Foreign Musical Terms: From Adagio to Zierlich: a Dictionary for Performers and Students.

14:50 - The student monthly magazine I highly recommended is this one - Piano Explorer. I mistakenly stated that it was affiliated with the Clavier Companion magazine. It is actually part of the The Instrumentalist group of music magazines.