Welcome! A few tips as you begin.....

Welcome to "Learn a Bach Invention in 10 Days - A day-by-day practice plan or 10-step outline to learning a Bach Invention. It's good to have you!

This 10-day practice plan will help you learn (or re-learn) a Bach Invention. If you are learning a particular Bach Invention for the first time and follow this plan, you may need to spend more than 1 day on certain steps or perhaps do some additional review of the previous day before starting the new day of practice . If you are re-working a Bach Invention, you might be able to accomplish 2 DAYS on one day because the steps will get easier and easier as you go, especially if you work very precisely and not allow mistakes to be created.

Execution of the plan:

Each daily practice plan will be "dripped" into your course curriculum from one day to the next beginning with your day of enrollment. Hopefully you clicked REGISTER when you planned to start practicing, but no worries if not!

The content will be available at 7:00AM Eastern Time each day, so just check back each day and you'll be ready to go! I've decided not to send you an email notification for each day of new content, but should you decide it would be helpful, let me know.

For some daily assignments you may want to divide your practice into shorter sessions. These shorter segments may prove to more productive and allow for greater concentration on one or two aspects.

You may certainly practice over 10 days consecutively, but this plan has also been designed for 5 days on, 2 days off, and 5 days on. If you take a day off at different points in the 10 day plan, it should be fine, but try not to take more than 2 days off.

Keeping track:

You may find it helpful to print each day's assignment and take it with you to the piano for note-taking. Highly encouraged. You'll be able to keep track of your progress this way and check off line items as you go along. (Soon I'll have a PDF version available inside each day's assignment to make printing easier. Bear with me!)

So glad you decided to take on this journey and I look forward to hearing your thoughts via the comments section in each lesson. Your comments will be visible to all who are taking this course so if you would rather correspond privately, please email me directly at [email protected].

Enjoy this journey with Bach! I'll see you at the end!


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