MAY 5 - TEACHER SHARE WEBINAR 3: Creative and Motivating ONLINE Events for Our Piano Students

Elizabeth shared an online event she did with students that was a win-win. We heard great ideas from others as well! Enjoy! And please add a comment below if you'd like to share a successful ONLINE event you did with your students. We'd LOVE to know!

VIDEO TIME STAMPS and LINKS mentioned in the video above: 

12:15 - I describe the idea I had and how it came about. 

16:27 - How I explained my idea to the students' mothers.

17:12 - See further below for the email I sent out to the 3 mothers for the Piano Play Date. 👇🏼

26:46 - The webinar about building a strong rounded hand position with little ones is here:

31:36 - Here is the link to sign up for a FREE 14-day trial with Demio, my webinar platform:

CLICK THIS LINK to read my explanation about Demio's features and learn of all the details about obtaining the educator discount. The discount EXPIRES on MAY 31, 2020, but it's a FOREVER discount!

42:00 - How I've trained my intermediate to advanced students to prepare a CLEAN performance for our online lessons.

44:55 - Other teachers piped in with ideas for creative and motivating online events.

1:06:10 - My fabulous video editor can assist you in creating a compilation of all your students' video performances into one "recital" video. He's so wonderful to work with and offers a 50% discount to educators. His name is John Reed and you can contact him at: [email protected] 

1:08:10 - GO HERE to see Glenda Austin's Guest Composer webinar. We had a great time!

1:08:30 - Hear about the 2020 Piano Camp for Piano Teachers virtual conference here!  


Hi _____________!

We will meet this FRI at 4:30PM for a Piano Play Date!

1. Please have the kids each prepare 3 pieces of their choice to play for each other. If the piece has an app background accompaniment, I would love for you to provide that on a different device if possible.

2. Please have your child introduce your family pet at the play date — if there is no family pet, then introduce the child’s favorite stuffed animal.

3. If your child has a piece of artwork or craftwork (a drawing or coloring page) that he/she has completed recently. I would LOVE for him/her to show it to the group.

4. Dress appropriately. Not recital dress, but school or play clothes are fine. No pajamas.

5. Each child will introduce himself/herself. Be ready to state name, age, school grade, and favorite color.

This should be fun! I’m looking forward to it. Email me with any questions! 😊