Intro to Demio Webinar Software for Teaching Online Lessons

***** If you're in need of a easy, reliable, short-learning-curve webinar platform to deliver online piano lessons with HD quality, you may want to consider the one I use -  Demio. The co-founders of Demio have made their webinar software available to educators and non-profits at a 50% FOREVER discount!

This 50% discount offer expires MAY 31, 2020!

A 14-day free trial w/o credit card is available, but if you decide to enroll now in a Demio paid plan, enter this Promo Code at checkout to receive 50% off:  standtogether2020  

The discounted Monthly plan is $24.50/month and Annual plan is $17/month.

First, start your account HERE as a 14-day trial, and then proceed to purchase.

NOTE: The discount code works when you enroll in a monthly plan, but should you desire the annual plan, Demio will apply it for you manually. Hit the chat bubble at the site to start a conversation with them and they will get you squared away with the annual plan discount.

NOTE: When using this platform for a one-to-one piano lesson with a student (or group of students) both you (the Host) and the student (the Presenter) must be using a laptop or a desktop AND the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge browsers.

READ BELOW for my list of BENEFITS/FEATURES, but go HERE for a video overview of Demio and how I set it up for a piano lesson.

WHY I LIKE THE DEMIO WEBINAR PLATFORM for online group presentations and one-to-one meetings:

- User interface is simple, minimal and intuitive for non-techies. Piano teachers have told me how much they like it for its ease.

- No downloads or phone calls 

 - Frictionless joining via web browsers - one-click registration and one-click entry into the webinar room. 

- HD quality live streaming to your audience with a .6 of a second delay. Zoom and Skype, have longer delays.

- Auto-records the webinar for you in HD. Replay is ready in 30 minutes and is stored in Demio's cloud. You can grab the link for it and send it to the student for review later.

- Demio's Cloud holds up to 100 previously recorded webinars and there is an additional Archive to store older ones. You can download an mp4 w/ a click.

- A student can send me a YouTube video of a run-thru performance and I can place it inside the webinar before a lesson begins so we can watch and critique together during a Demio webinar lesson.

- You can share the your desktop screen, slides, etc. as presentation material and send links, pdfs, and conduct polls in the Chat.

- You may have as many as 10 presenters (students) in a webinar at once and you can place their camera views on the screen 3 at a time. 100 people may attend the webinar at one time in order to view it (I have the 150-attendees plan).

- Easy to set up multiple sessions of the same overall webinar, i.e., I set up one lesson template for a student and just use the same lesson template for different lesson dates.

Best customer service I’ve ever experienced! -  their helpers are there for me 24/7 on Live Chat with a 5 to 10 minute response time. And they will assist my presenters and attendees as well.

There are many more advanced eatures, but these are the basic attributes I have come to like for lessons.

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at:

[email protected]