Not sure which Invention to select?

Good Starter Inventions 

If you haven't played an Invention before or perhaps only know one or two, you might want to tackle the more accessible ones first. Here's a list for you.

The easiest to begin with: Nos. 1, 4, 8 and 13 (though No. 13 has some extensive arpeggiated figures you may not want to deal with during your first journey with an Invention.)

After the ones above I would suggest: Nos. 6, 14, 10, 15 (The key signature of No. 6 can pose some issues especially with the additional accidentals to keep track of. Be aware of the trills in No. 15 - they can be tricky.)

Don't Own a Copy of the Fifteen 2-Part Inventions?

Go here to download/print any of the Inventions for FREE:,_BWV_772-786_(Bach,_Johann_Sebastian)

Scroll all the way down to "General Information" and you can click into each invention and download/print the one you prefer.